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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Skyscreen Launches WTS’ Auto-Machines For Garment Decoration

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At the recently concluded Screen Print India Expo in Mumbai, Skyscreen Pvt Ltd unveiled two new machines for garment decoration or what is also called as embellishment. These include WTS Automatic Sequin Motif and WTS Stone Motif machine. Both these machines are manufactured by WTS Industrial Company, South Korea which is exclusively represented by Skyscreen.

Upon taking up the exclusive distributorship for India, Skyscreen had launched both these new products at Screen Print India with a big bang. At its maiden launch, both Stone Motif and Sequin Motif machines have received overwhelming response and Skyscreen could book a few spot orders.

WTS Industrial Company is world’s leading automatic sequin motif manufacturing company. WTS specializes in Automatic Sequin Motif Machines with practical know-how and technology. The company offers the best machines with excellent durability and the best quality.  The company offers one of the fastest and most advanced automatic hot-fix sequin motif making machine. Sequins are flat, iridescent, colorful pieces of plastic that come in various shapes and sizes (circles, stars, hearts, squares, etc.), viz, from 2 mm to 9 mm. Simple training is available even for beginners to easily operate.

The WTS’s Model S-103 is world first automatic sequin motif machine. It is a marked improvement over sequin embroidery.  It offers the best quality, highest speed and unparalleled convenience. The WTS-S103 allows for the changing of spangles in all ranges from 3 mm to 10 mm at a fast speed, and is simple enough for even beginners to use.

The Sequin Motif can be used for decorating (value addition) T-shirts, bags, caps, etc. Since there is no thread line, it looks neat and beautiful.  A sequin motif is a disk-shaped bead used for decorative purposes. In earlier centuries, they were made from shiny metals. Today, sequins are most often made from plastic. They are available in a wide variety of colors and geometrical shapes. Sequins are commonly used on clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes and many other accessories.

On the other hand, Stone or Rhinestone motifs are popular to decorate textiles. Unlike conventional rhinestone motif makers, the WTS Stone machine can set multiple rhinestones into a design in less time regardless of size. The key to the WTS stone motif machine’s incredible speed is its tilt and shake action. The WTS Stone motif is the fastest stone placement system. The machine has less moving parts and adjustments hence less maintenance costs.  It does not need an air compressor. It is compact and requires less space.


Source: http://www.textileexcellence.com